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Strategic Planning:  Knowing Your Long-Term Direction

June 6, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride

You would think that every company would have a strategic plan.  Not so.

When I speak to CEOs and other business leaders you’d be surprised how few actually have a plan. When I say “plan” I mean more than a plan to keep their job and get through the next few years. I mean a real “plan” where they are using their company’s current resources to build a future of dreams.

Two or three year plans are nice. And for most companies that will keep the top management team in place. Just keep building 2 and 3 year plans and “getting by” will usually save your job. Save your job until the world changes and you can no longer compete because you fell behind or didn’t react to market conditions.

What is really needed is to think longer term and to make real decisions. Not about where you can grab your next profit, but about what your company should be, how it needs to change, and what is next to get it to its future.

What is Really Needed

What is really needed is big thinking. Powerful thinking. Thinking of the now and the future.

But how do you do this?

How can you think of now and the future in a hurried world where everyone is just trying to get to the next quarter and keep their job?

Well the answer is you need to Do Business Differently(™).

If you really want to achieve amazing results you need to do something different than everyone else (which is, by definition, average).

You need to stop and actually look to the future. Look at what you are doing now. Look at future market conditions (anticipated). And then combine the two and start executing.

How to get your team looking to the future and coming up with tomorrow’s idea will be featured in a future blog – so make sure you are subscribed to get that hot off the presses.

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