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How do you like being AVERAGE?

April 26, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride

Almost 1,000 views.

That’s where we are on a recent video I did about wearing different attire in business – as of the writing on this.

A lot of people seem to be wondering how they can Do Business Differently(™) in their way and it’s showing in the view numbers.

And there is no one answer on how to Do Business Differently(™).

For me it’s the suits to remind others they should find their way.

It’s also fighting the Maryland State Bar Association on their lack of communication.  I am fighting an institution – not because it is easy, but because it is right.

Being different is tough.  But you have support. I support you being you.  I think it’s more real and critical to long-term business success.

Doing what everyone else does locks you in a terrible world:  AVERAGE.

Who grew up to be average?  You have more in you.

I don’t believe an of us are average.  There’s no such things.

My challenge to you today is how do you show the world – in a way they can see clearly and regularly from you – that you aren’t average?

For me it’s the suits (and more).

What about you?

Let me know.  Or comment on the video and let the world know!

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