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Have You Empowered Your Team for Success? Four Key Tests to Employ

February 13, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride

As I work with business owners and other business consultants, it becomes clear that to be successful, we have to have employees empowered. In The Three Laws of Empowerment for High Growth Companies (www.rshawnmcbridelive.com), I talk about how to empower employees, how to make them motivated to do what’s right not just for themselves but for their company, and how to accomplish more.

What does it mean to empower employees? How do we know if employees are empowered? Here are some tests that you can employ to see how you are currently doing.

#1 Can your employees make routine decisions on their own? We’ve talked about systems and processes in earlier blogs http://www.mcbrideforbusiness.com/blog/building-procedures-a-systematic-approach/ . If you have good systems and processes, and a clear organizational mission, employees should be able to make routine decisions without consulting management. They should know how the process flows and why. Even when things that are slightly out of the ordinary come up, they should be able to look at the process flow and determine what decision makes sense consistent with the organization’s mission and processes.

#2 Are your employees thinking for you? Are your employees spotting opportunities in your business? Are they figuring out how to do your business better? Or are they acting more robotic? Are they just punching orders in?  If your employees aren’t thinking and seeing opportunities for the business – then you have a problem.

#3 Are they responding to unusual situations? Are your employees looking at what’s truly going on and spotting what’s unusual in your business or are they order processing?  If management isn’t learning about problems with the systems – then there is a problem.

#4 Are your employees excited? Are they energized about doing what they’re doing? Are they looking forward to helping your business grow? Or are they dreading coming to work every day? Is everyone in the organization seeing the big picture? Is everyone focused on the ultimate goals and how it effects everybody globally? Or is everybody in it for themselves?

Empowered employees will do more. They’ll help your organization grow. They’ll look for opportunities. If you’re not seeing people act in an empowered way in these four tests above, then you probably got a problem. You probably have too much control.

There’s a balance between control and empowerment. If your organization is truly going to grow, you’re going to have to give up some degree of control. You’re going to have to hand it over to your employees. You can do that in a very mechanized, mechanical way, which is going to continue to limit your growth, or you can do it in an empowered way. I think it’s key to see which way the organization is working in order to determine where you’re headed and how you’re going to grow.


What’s been your experience with empowering employees? Have you taken the steps to empower your employees? Or are you surprised with some of your thoughts from these questions? Join us in the comments below.

Empowered employees will do more for your business.

Keep employees motivated to grow your business.

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