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Could Adding Some Certainty Change Your Training?

May 18, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride

Building a Complete Training Framework:  How Structure Creates Certainty

***NOTE:  This is a series of articles on the building a complete training framework.  If you need training we offer corporate training in various forms.***

One of the biggest issues with training and one of the biggest complaints we often hear is a lack of certainty. Quite simply people want to know where their training is going – and if you don’t tell them they get worried.

Many people are concerned, or outright complain, that many companies do training in a haphazard fashion. Much akin to a game of whack-a-mole.

I can imagine employees at your company sitting in the break room saying “I wonder what problem will happen and which band-aid training will they put us through next?”

It’s a prescription for uncertainty and problems.

Changing It Up

When training is part of a broader plan things change.  And that’s where the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid comes in.

Training is more effective when the learners know where things are headed. How the pieces fit together.  Why learning “this” is important to getting “that result”.

For instance, when we design a Do Business Effectively(™) training for Time Magicment(™) we make sure that the learners know how managing their time better is going to relate to their job – but also to their life and career goals.

Sometimes potential clients – mistakenly thinking they are adding efficiency – ask us to not spend all that time on “goals”.  But we find it’s that connection of the work now to the future that creates the real incentive and drive for the learns to start implementing and working on change right away.

It gives a “why” to the hard work associated with training beyond “your boss said so”.

And It Goes On

Based on our Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid we always recommend starting training with Time Magicment(™)/It’s About Time as the start of training (Time Magicment(™) being our signature system and It’s About Time being the corresponding book) or Do Business Differently(™) (another program on being unique and different in business). This sets a foundation.

Early in the training the learners are introduced to the pyramid and see the progression of how the learning today will lead to the learning of tomorrow. They also get to see how their work of today leads to their life of tomorrow.

Time Magicment(™) training becomes about more than just speeding up what they are doing (which is where most systems fall flat) but it becomes about them! And so on for each step of the ladder.

People are more interested when things are about them.

Certainty is the Key

When the learners know how the pieces fit together, have a map of where they are headed, and feel directed they tend to relax. They know that they are part of a bigger system and a bigger plan that embraces them. And when they feel relaxed and secure they learn even faster.

So, what are you doing to bring certainty to your training programs?  Let us know!


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