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Zuckerberg wins big against Congress – and what we can learn.

Posted on: April 13th, 2018 by R. Shawn McBride No Comments

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook were put in a tough situation.  Privacy violations, a mad congress and the potential for public outrage.

But Mark Zuckerberg did a great job getting ahead of the issue.  He played his cards well.

Check out this video on why I think Mark Zuckerberg created a win out of a bad situation.

It’s a master lesson in negotiations for us.

Check out the video.

What do you think about his success? Let me know.

Should we be bragging in business? The answer might surprise you.

Posted on: April 12th, 2018 by R. Shawn McBride No Comments

Bragging.  It’s probably not something most people would encourage you to do in business.

But we all know other people need to know what we know.  We can help so many other people.

In a way it’s selfish not to let others know what you can do for them.

What if you had a cure for cancer and didn’t tell anyone?  The argument could be made you are being immoral by not telling others.

And you know your services or products can change lives.

But none of us want to listen to someone that just talks about themselves.

We want positive interaction.

My friend, Kedma Ough, came up with an acronym that helps us get this done the right way.

B – Bring
R – Repetitive
A – Authentic
G – Greatness

It’s the positive side of bragging.

When you use the acronym “B.R.A.G.” you’ll promote yourself and help others.

Here is my take on it.

And Kedma’s original video.

And if you really need support, here I am assuring you it is OK to brag.

What do you think?

Leave your comments or email me.  I read every email.


Have you checked the fundamentals of your agreements?

Posted on: April 10th, 2018 by R. Shawn McBride No Comments

Those of you that have been following me for a while know about the 4 D’s.

The 4 D’s are critical to planning.

As great a they are I sometimes forget about their magical power to make sure we are covering all of the fundamentals in one simple way.

So I think it’s time we revisit the 4 D’s.

Just like I did recently.

See, I walked into a coffee shop for a meeting and one of my audience members saw me…and recanted how they are using the 4 D’s right now to negotiate a complex partnership.

Which reminded me we all need to be reminded of the power in the simplicity of the 4 D’s.

Even when I an doing more comprehensive work – like my Doing Business in the US Course or my Take Your Business in the Fastlane Course – where the 4 D’s are but one component of the whole the 4 D’s are powerful.

So here they are again.  Use them in all planning of relationships:

Death – What happens to this company or relationship if someone dies. Go ahead and write the story out and make your documents match that.

Divorce – What happens if someone central to the plan gets divorced? Does there soon to be ex-spouse become part owner of the company/project?  Think through this.

Disability – What if someone is unable to work?  How does the project and its economics proceed.

Disagreement – What if the parties to the project disagree on the direction of the project in the future?

The 4 D’s are very easy to list out. But they are super powerful.

Just working through the 4 D’s will stress test any relationship and just by working through them you’ll be better off than most.

Have you used the 4 D’s?  What did they do for you?

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